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Our “Entrepreneur Academy” Programme delivers the core skills necessary to take your business from an idea through to a positive, trading entity. We delivery our programmes via one to one training session in the form of face to face or skype or video conferencing.

It is essential to have the skillset on how to manage your own business if time is on your side. offer you essential business knowledge that will allow you to set a strong foundation for your new business. While many learn from failed experience, knowledge will have great impact on your decision making, that will ultimately increase your success rate in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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    With less than 15% success rate of sustaining a new business setup, what sets apart the successful ones ? As entrepreneurs to be, you would likely have asked many for their opinions and have came to a conclusion that setting up a business is very easy compare to sustaining a business and generating profit. The first step to succeed is to have a good understanding of the potential of your new business setup before investing your hard-earned savings into an unknown arena. Successful entrepreneurs are those who know how and when to take calculated risk.

    In this course, you will learn the essential elements to build a sustainable business and then constructing a lean business plan using our customized Strategy Framework. More than 83% of our participants entrepreneurs have re-modeled their initial business setup into a more sustainable one at the end of the course.


    In recent years, digital marketers are the ones reaping the most rewarding careers. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you must be well-equipped with this new era marketing skill to stay competitive in our evolving business world. In this course, you will discover various elements of digital communications and analytic tools to expand your potential reach via different social media channels. You will also learn how to maximize your marketing budget by targeting at your right audience and engaging your customers in the digital ways including e-mail and content marketing and search engine optimization.

    Sign up for this course if you want to expand your sales leads with minimal investment cost. If you are outsourcing your marketing activities to a third party, it will definitely be advantageous as a business owner to know your fundamentals to manage the team well.


    Goals set are often unmet and many people are unable to follow through. There are reasons why some succeed and some do not. Our minds have been conditioned by our individual values, beliefs, knowledge and past experiences and these shaped our perception and interpretation of situations, resulting in our responses, attitude and optimism. You will realize the many views behind what you thought it might be and identify specific areas that you need to improve on. In this course, you will discover how a little change can make a drastic impact to your attitude towards achieving your goals.


    Are you looking at launching a new product or service? It is important to understand what your customers want in order to meet their needs and expectation. Learn to use qualitative and quantitative research methodology to conduct surveys, craft realistic survey questions and analyse your collected data.

    At the end of the module, you will conduct a market research, analyse and prepare a marketing research report for your new business setup. Learn to make business decision on how to segment your business, set your target audience and position your business direction.


    If you are existing entrepreneurs or business owners managing a current business, this course will equip you with practical knowledge and skills to improve your short term and long term business performance. You will discover effective and realistic ways to analyse your industry competitiveness level from a macroscopic and microscopic view.

    For new entrepreneurs who are aggressive in starting your business within the shortest time frame, this course will equip you with formula on how to identify your key success factors that drives your industry, assess the industrial attractiveness and identify the opportunity and threat that your current setup may be exposed to. You will then learn to apply the theories to craft a new strategy for your business to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


    Learn to calculate your project investment return, how much capital amount to put into your new business and the minimum sales target quantity required to get your desired required return. If you are bidding for a new project, how much should you put your bid price to win your competitors with a positive return. You will learn how to calculate whether the new investment brings in positive return or does it make more monetary sense to retain your current equipment.


    Are you planning to expand your business regionally or globally? Are your target audiences or employees from foreign countries? In our VUCA world today, globalization offers both challenges and opportunities for business owners like you. Hence, it is important to be fully equipped with the skill to manage cross-culture situations that may arise within an organization or if you are running a business, it will impact your product design and type of services that you would offer in some countries, taking into consideration cross-cultural differences, preferred ways of communication, ethnic practice, conflict resolution and motivating factors. Knowing your customers or employee cognitively, affectionately and socially is a winning soft skill.

    Sign up now to gain a competitive edge on overcoming your cross cultural challenges.


    True to some extent, entrepreneurs do not need the credential of an MBA Holder on your name-card and a top MBA Program may not necessary clinch you a million-dollar deal. Many people with good business ideas and are technically sound are holding back their start up plan because they lack the business knowledge.

    This cost effective fast track MBA course will equip you with the essential business skillset to make effective decisions and connect with higher level customers. Skip the business schools, invest in our fast track MBA and invest the rest of the $50K and valuable time into your new business venture instead!