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Entrepreneur Quick Start Kit

Do you prefer to start your new business immediately or do you prefer to continue with your full time job while enjoying the returns from your side business? Let INTANGIBLES offer these immediate services to get your business running and manage them for you while you earn your stable income.


    It takes time to find a good location to rent an office unit. On the other hand, it does not put confidence level in your potential customer by having a residential address for your business. INTANGIBLES offer shared office facilities or virtual registered address that you can sign up at cost effective rate. Other services include:

    • Sorting your physical letters
    • Answering your important phone calls
    • Meeting areas for you to meet up with your client

    While you focus on other important areas of the business, let us create an awesome brand for your company which includes

    • Premium Logo design
    • Analyze the most relevant color tone to bring out your business intent
    • Stationary design and print (namecard, brochures, letterhead)
    • Register your website domain and hosting services
    • Designing of website
    • Create an identity for your staff with appropriate uniform attire

      The current trend for new business setup to break into the market is to achieve maximum brand awareness in the shortest possible time within the digital world. It is more cost and time effective for our professional web designer and digital marketeers to focus on this area as their expertise will gain a faster return. The services that we provide include:

      • Optimizing your website to be SEO friendly
      • Managing your social media platform to achieve marketing objective
      • Running campaigns and promotion to draw potential clients to your platform
      • Curating services for emails content marketing
      • Video creation
      • Providing Analytical report with performance tracking data

      If you are pressed for time to start your new business, INTANGIBLES can work on the laborious and intensive task of conducting a qualitative and quantitative market research for your product or services. A Market Research Analysis report containing crucial analysis and valuable recommendations will be presented to you to facilitate important business decision making on how to:

      • Segment and position your brand
      • Set your targeted customers profile
      • Determined which business segment to focus and invest in
      • Strategically positioning your business direction to maximize your revenue

      You can opt to outsource your human resource and payroll solution to us. Let INTANGIBLES manage your hiring and staff retention process, performance appraisal system, monthly payroll administrative job and relevant grant recommendations.


      If you are starting a business or a new office, INTANGIBLES can design, deploy and manage your IT services to automate and simplify work processes, achieving efficient operations. Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we can customize solutions to suit your critical business services cost effectively.

      • Prevent viruses, backup failures and junk emails
      • Integrated and centralized solutions to optimize employee productivity
      • Setting up of secure remote access to applications, data over a network
      • Customized website content writeup
      • Company brochures writeup
      • Company press release writeup
      • Business plan writeup
      • Social media content writeup
      • Constant Blogs post update
      • Email content writeup for digital marketing
      • Business Application writeup
      • Business Proposal Writeup
      • Newsletter content writeup
      • Press Release writeup
      • Market research analysis and report writeup