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SGUnited Skills Programme in Digital Marketing

The SGUnited Skills Digital Marketing Programme is a full-time training programme of 6 months duration.
The programme will comprise certifiable courses delivered by PaCE at NTU. The training courses are
designed in partnership with Intangibles Consultancy to help trainees acquire industry-relevant skills that
can improve their employability. Trainees will also have the chance to apply the skills learnt during the
programme, through opportunities like workplace immersions and industry projects.

Trainees will also benefit from employment facilitation efforts offered by training providers. To facilitate
transition to employment as and when job opportunities are present, the SGUnited Skills programme will
be conducted across 6 modular format.

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Course Details

Date(s): (30 Nov 2020 to 28 May 2021) - Virtual Learning
(14 Dec 2020 to 11 Jun 2021) - Virtual Learning
Time: Training schedule will be advised upon programme confirmation
Venue: NTU Virtual Learning Environment
Registration Closing Date: Cohort 1: 30th Sept 2020 to 25th Feb 2021 – Virtual Learning (Completed)
Cohort 2: 02nd Nov 2020 to 21st April 2021 - Virtual Learning (Completed)
Cohort 3: 14th Dec 2020 to 4th Jun 2021 - Virtual Learning (In progress)
Cohort 4: 19th Jan 2021 to 2nd July 2021 - Virtual Learning (In progress)
Cohort 5: 15th Feb 2021 to 2nd August 2021 - Virtual Learning (In progress)
Cohort 6 is now open for pre-registration (Click to register!)
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Course Objective

Course Outline

Tapping into the Power of Social Media Marketing

This module aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of social media marketing, and equips learners with the ability to set up and optimize the social media platforms, and launch an effective marketing campaign through a practical hands-on approach. The module is designed to equip individuals with the fundamental knowledge and relevant skill sets relating to social media marketing platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIN to conduct social media audits, set up social media calendars and leverage social media management tools for marketing.

Gaining customer insights with Digital Marketing Analytics

This module focuses on the use of digital analytics for participants to be able to garner actionable insights and discover customers’ needs and wants, derive a good overview of the specific social media channels and paid campaigns from which the customers come to know about the product and services, and appreciate the amount of time spent on the website before customers leave or purchase the items. The ability to apply digital analytics will equip participants with the essential skills to improve on existing marketing strategies, establish Key Performance Indices (KPI) for ROI tracking and in turn, improve the business revenue.

A Practical Approach to Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

This module is designed to equip the students with the fundamental knowledge and skill sets in Google Ads to improve on their quality scores and stretch the budgets spent on search engine marketing campaigns. Participants will learn about the various kinds of ads available, how to review landing pages, understand the hierarchy levels of campaigns, and how to interpret data collected for future ads improvements.

Content Creation for Marketing

This module aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding to content creation for marketing, and expose them to successful marketing campaigns and SEO rankings! Researches have shown that 75% of the marketers found producing an engaging content challenging, what more producing them regularly. Creating great contents that delight the audience and engender trust in your brand will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

A Practical Approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This module equips participants with the fundamental knowledge and concept of SEO to create site architecture, conduct effective keywords research, understand the factors affecting their rank positioning, perform SEO audits, and monitor the SEO performance of websites. Participants will also learn how to build quality back links that play an important role in the ranking. There will be a hands-on session for learners to apply the knowldege they have acquired in a practical setting to reinforce their learning and enrich their experience.

Delivering results in the Digital Age

This is the final module of the course, and serves to consolidate the knowledge that participants have acquired in the previous modules. Participants will learn how to conduct a situational analysis of the current marketing outlook using a holistic approach, design a detailed marketing plan in response, and execute the plan through a practical session. For participants planning to embark on a career as a fresh digital marketer, this module will help you build a credential portfolio to showcase your works and proficiency.

Our program adopts a holistic approach that is purposefully built around our learners to help them achieve the learning outcomes. A combination of online learning, group exchanges and practical project works ensures that our learners are sufficiently exposed and skilled to bring value to their prospective employers and contribute meaningfully in their fledging careers.

Tailored Curriculum

Virtual classroom, experience-based contents, short question assignements

Self & Peer Learning

Review of videos, articles, case-studies, group sharing, discussions and presentations

Hands-on Works

Real-life based problems, practical sessions, project works

Expert Guidance

Mentoring support for project works with 1-to-1 coaching sessions

Employability Assistance

Network with suitable employers, customised project work to build relevent Crediential Portfolios

Who should attend

Course Fees and Funding

Standard Course Fee S$9737.00
Course fee payable after funding or subsidy, if eligible under various schemes

Trainers Profile

Dr Georges B. has extensive experience in graduate management education in Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe. He has travelled extensively and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, U.K., France, Canada and Malaysia. His main area of management and research interests lies with the service sector. He has delivered executive education programs and worked as a consultant for a wide variety of clients worldwide including: Temasek Holding, the Asia Pacific Management Centre and Institute in Singapore and Hong Kong, the Hopkins Training and Education Group in Hong Kong, ENPC (Paris and Casablanca), Hyatt International Hotels and David Medlow Chocolates Inc. He has a wide range of business experience, with skills in managing, consulting, teaching and research.

Valerie Lee is a true entrepreneur at heart! She has successfully established a few businesses from scratch. A young lady who strongly believes that knowledge will transform a person, she has equipped herself with a Masters in Business Administration and a first honors degree in Engineering from The National University of Singapore. Currently, she holds an adjunct lecturer position in business schools offering Entrepreneurship courses. She contributes back to society with her valuable expertise in some social enterprise platform. With her personal experiences in the complex business world, she offers remarkable strategic advises and assist her clients from different walks of life in achieving sustainable business goals. Her intangibles skill sets are what her clients love about her!

Ben holds a Master in Business Administration from Utah State University, Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield University and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Utah. He has more than 18 years of professional experience in technology, financial and basic material companies. Comfortable working with cross functional teams and in culturally diverse environment, he also has experience in consulting work in digital marketing, supply chain and artificial intelligence in both Singapore and United Kingdom. His passion in training grew from the numerous in-company sessions that he conducted.

Ivan Chew is a passionate trainer when loves to be in the front line of the game when it comes to information technology. He graduated from National University of Singapore with a 2nd class Upper Honors Engineering degree and a Masters in Computing. Ivan Chew has a rich knowledge in web designing and building complex eCommerce website during his employment in MNCs. He runs his own IT business where he provides technical training to clients who are interested in the Internet of Things.

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