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Stay relevant and competitive in an evolving digital landscape through lifelong learning!

We live in a fast-changing digital world today where new innovations shape and reshape processes, practices and demands at the workplace daily. An increasingly digitalized environment has also made the global marketplace more competitive, and competition in the job market is at an all-time high. To remain relevant and of value to these changing market needs, upgrading one’s skillsets and acquiring new ones have become essential for job security, personal growth and career progression. You have taken the first step to explore the courses and you are on your way for personal growth and development, making yourself less adverse to the changes that are happening in the world around us and indirectly opening doors to your opportunities! Our highly popular training courses at Intangibles are purposefully designed and taught by leading industry experts with the practical experiences that will make each learning journey with us an engaging and impactful one.

SGUNITED Skills Program

The SGUnited Skills Digital Marketing Programme is a full-time training programme of 6 months duration. The programme will comprise certifiable courses delivered by PaCE at NTU. The training courses are designed in partnership with Intangibles Consultancy to help trainees..

Content Marketing

Creating content is not for the faint-hearted, yet, we know that “Content is King” - The KEY to successful marketing campaigns and SEO ranking! Researches have shown that 75% of the marketers find that producing an engaging content is a challenge, what more about produce them consistently..

Search Engine Marketing

Understanding Google Ads and setting up best practices for campaigns are very important in digital marketing. This course aims to provide an in-dept understanding of search engine marketing and equip them with the ability to launch a campaign with practical hands-on approach..

Search Engine Optimization

The most effective digital marketing channels is organic search! This explains why understanding the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very crucial in the digital marketing world. We understand that SEO may be a very technical subject to many..

Social Media Marketing

This course aims to provide an in-dept understanding of social media marketing and equip learners with the ability to set up and optimize your social media platforms, launch an effective marketing campaign with practical hands-on approach..

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network for building your personal brand, a place where 650 million executives are consistently searching for corporate development and relevant connections to expand their current network..

Digital Analytics

You have learnt about digital marketing, how social media marketing and paid campaigns work. This module will further explore the use of digital analytics to gain actionable insights to discover your customers’ needs and wants..

Data Analytics

The demand for data analytics skillset has increased significantly over the past 3 years across all industries. The ease of data collection arising from the increased in Internet of things adoption, artificial intelligence and various digital channels have resulted in vast data collected..

Marketing for Digital Age

The 3-days programme will be ideal for anyone who is keen to embark on the exciting journey of digital marketing. This course will be suitable for you if you are starting your business from scratch or transforming your existing business via digital marketing strategies and execution..

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