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  • What are the values of INTANGIBLES customized course?
    • Our customized courses are practical and will equip you with the essential business skill set before you step into the challenging entrepreneur world. Many individuals are technically inclined in your own field of expertise. However, when it comes to business skill sets and know-how, you may not be as confident. Our customized course will help to fill in your knowledge and skill sets gap to get you ready for your new journey.

  • What are the recommended mode of learning?
    • We understand how entrepreneurs learn. Our program and course structure are designed with the right level of practicum and case study to bring the best learning value to you. As our training is one to one, our mode of learning is flexible with mutual agreement between you and your trainer. Subjected to your comfort level and schedule, the choice of learning mode can be in the form of face to face, online learning and skype sessions for the frequent flyers or combination of all learning modes. Do note that each mode of learning has its own benefits too.

  • How do I get the maximum value out of my investment?
    • We strongly encourage learning to be a one to one session so that you can gain the maximum value out of your investment. The way you manage your business will differ from another, not forgetting that you are a unique individual with your preferred learning style and speed. Your trainer will jointly identify the tangible and intangible skillsets that you need to build on, to go beyond yourself and bring your business to the next level.

  • Can I engage Intangible trainers on problems or issues unrelated to entrepreneurship?
    • Our trainers are equipped with different experience, business skillsets and life skill. A first consultation session may be good for you and your trainer to have a good chat to determine mutually that our training sessions will address your concern. However, a trainer is different from a counsellor or psychiatrist so if you are unwell or suffering from depression, you should seek professional medical help instead.

  • Payment Schedule and Payment Mode
    • Payment Schedule and Payment Mode
      The payment mode for Entrepreneur Academy must be made in advance. This is to facilitate our trainers to prepare in advance, to customize the program and material to suit your individual needs. For Entrepreneur Start Kit services, the standard payment schedule will be 50% advance as service confirmation, and balance amount due upon the completion of the project. This may be subject to case by case terms and conditions stipulated in the quotation to you.