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Digital Transformation

Technology drives the business landscape of today, and it will continue to shape the future of businesses. A successful digital transformation will enable you to effectively harness digital enablers, and enhance innovations and creativity within your business domain. To increase organizational efficiency, a lean business structure may also be realized by optimizing your process chain via digitalization.

For Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) especially, digitalization is possibly the single most important means to raising revenues, enhancing innovations, opening new markets, and withstanding global competition. As no two organizations are the same, Intangibles helps our clients drive business transformation efforts and create impactful business outcomes by first understanding your aspirations, and where you are today. With this foreknowledge, our team will design, develop and deploy the digital capabilities tailored for you to be successful in the digital age.

To date, we have helped numerous SMEs transform their old business models (many involved manual manipulation and data entry tasks) with favourable and tangible results, most notably in the aspect of immediate savings on both costs and time with reinvented business processes and activities.

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